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Project Overview


Project Overview

Kings Mountain Energy Center

NTE Energy is developing and plans to construct, own and operate the Kings Mountain Energy Center, a 475 MW natural gas electric generating facility in Cleveland County, North Carolina. The Kings Mountain Energy Center will be one of the cleanest and most efficient sources of capacity and energy in the Carolinas. It will employ Mitsubishi’s GAC turbine technology in a combined-cycle configuration, recovering exhaust heat from the gas turbine to produce steam, which is then passed through a steam turbine to generate additional energy from the same initial fuel.

Once complete, the Kings Mountain Energy Center will be capable of powering approximately 400,000 homes and represent an investment of over $440 million, providing numerous benefits to the surrounding communities and their economies.

Project Highlights:

Technology: Combined Cycle Utilizing MHPSA Advanced Combustion Turbine

Fuel: Natural Gas

Net Output: Approx. 475 MW

Location: Cleveland County, North Carolina

Anticipated Investment: Over $440 Million

Anticipated Jobs Created: 250-350 During Construction | 25-30 During Operation

Achieved Project Milestones:

Site Secured: 2013

Submitted Interconnection Application: January, 2014

Executed Natural Gas Supply Agreement: July, 2014

Received CPCN: October, 2014

Executed Power Purchase Agreements: Late 2014

Executed Interconnection Agreement: March, 2015

PSD Air Permit: April, 2015

Site Purchased: July 2015

Executed Gas Pipeline Interconnection Agreement: October 2015

Anticipated Project Milestones:

Start Construction: 3Q 2015

Commercial Operation Date:  2018