Local job creation from the Energy Center: 

  • During Construction:  Total duration of construction is expected to last 32 months and is estimated to create more than 200 construction jobs, including construction managers, construction laborers, boilermakers, electricians, welders, pipefitters, and miscellaneous construction workers
  • Facility Operation:  28 permanent jobs are expected to operate and support the Energy Center

Local job creation from the Industrial Park:

  • The development and construction of the Industrial Park would potentially create hundreds of permanent jobs in the region

Contribute significant investment to the area’s economy during construction

Creates a catalyst for additional industry development with accompanying new jobs

Gas supply: 

  • The potential exists to aggregate Kings Mountain’s municipal gas needs with the fuel needs of the Energy Center
  • Improved commodity pricing as well as enhanced balancing capability for Kings Mountain gas customers by combining gas needs
  • Capability of enhanced system balancing and minimizing price swings by locking in energy prices 

Provide additional energy capacity for any expansion of Kings Mountain Utility in their fast-growing southwest-region

Significantly expanded tax base for the region

Enhanced infrastructure extended to the southeast of I-85 (Water / Sewer / Gas)

Potential co-location of Kings Mountain Utility Operations Center: 

  • NTE Energy will provide Kings Mountain Utilities the opportunity to site their new, state-of-the-art Operations Center, providing much needed expansion capability for their water, electric and gas operations
  • A public/private partnership provides the ability to create an industrial complex 

Significant, new customer to Kings Mountain Water Department: 

  • NTE Energy would be an anchor tenant for Kings Mountain’s expanding water infrastructure project, and enhance city revenues from the planned purchase of water
  • The Energy Center would also be a large customer to the City’s waste water treatment system